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A traditional brand of Cedar fencing, Western Red Cedar is ideal for your home.

Western Red Cedar provides natural beauty, strength, longevity, and stainability.

For centuries Western Red Cedar has been known for its beauty and durability, making it the preferred wood species for outdoor projects.  Western Red Cedar fences are extremely sturdy and can last for 20 years or longer depending on your environmental conditions. We do not recommend using 'green' treated wood products, as these are generally a lower quality of wood and are prone to warp. The many grades produced allows you to pick the quality option that meets a price point for your fence project. We normally buy #2 or better grade, but premium grades are available upon request.


VanPelt Fencing recommends the use of Postmaster Plus steel posts in place of wood posts for your fence project to increase the life and quality of your fence. The PostMaster Plus Fence System is the perfect framework for your wood fence.

  • It’s versatile - Choose the fence style you want.

  • It’s stylish – Easily hidden for the natural wood post look. The perfect compliment for your oasis.

  • It's tough - Will not twist, rot, warp or crack like wood posts.

  • It's forever - Warranted to last a lifetime.

  • It's strong - Engineered to withstand 73 MPH windload season after season.

The PostMaster Plus is the new standard for strength and beauty in a wood fence system.

VanPelt Fencing is an authorized dealer and installer of Postmaster prouducts.
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